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Vertical Slidings

Vertical sliders is indicative of PVCu sliding sash windows. Whilst timber sash windows are either "weights and pulleys" or spiral balanced, PVCu windows all incorporate mechanical balances of some form or other.

As with all products there is an array of quality, performance and construction, each of which contribute to the visual attributes of vertical sliders.

Most fabricators (companies which manufacture windows and doors) will suggest they can make vertical sliders, however VSs demand high accuracy far in excess of most standard plastic tolerances, for instance PVCu casement windows often have welding tolerances of 3/5mm, sash must be 1mm to ensure excellent performance.

These general fabricators use standard extrusion systems and whilst they are ok as a basic sash window, they normally lack the style, finess or traditional character of sash windows made by specialist fabricators.

Most PVCu sash window systems require steel reinforcement if the sections are to perform without deflecting, however steel isn't a good insulator against the cold so companies have compromised the strength and sturdy performance in order that they can obtain a good energy rating. The best companies however, have sashes fully steel reinforced AND energy efficient (A rated)

Most have release knobs to allow sashes to be tilted into the room for safe cleaning, however these sashes are often very heavy so do ensure you have a pair of side arms on every sash. Extra large or over sized sashes often have these side supports removed which potentially could b extremely dangerous, ALWAYS insist on side arms or "safety stays".

Finally don't forget security. Sash windows are a burglars favourite as the window locks on original timber box sash windows could easily be opened. Whilst windows and locks may look robust, as if the product is endorsed by the police, through their secured by design scheme

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