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Patio Doors

Patio doors have been a favourite of the British Market since they were first introduced. During the house building boom of the 1960''s and early 70's, builders were looking to provide large expanse of glazing and access to the outside from rear facing rooms, normally the dining room.

Aluminium lead the way with hardwood subframes in those early days. Although both panels could slide, many builders opted for the cheaper solution of having just one pane sliding.

Today PVCu patio doors are very popular however aluminium is still an option.

Whilst they provide approx 40% opening area, ideal for easy access they can be heavy to slide especially if laminated glass is used, not easy for elderly or less able persons to operate.

By virtue of the fact they are not fixed, the sliding door is a favourite entry point for burglars. If you have sliding patio doors or thinking of installing them, do ensure you are satisfied with their robustness and ability to withstand the garden spade test. Entry is sometimes gained when an intruder uses you garden spade to lever the sliding pane upwards and away from the frame. You will be shocked just how easy this is, so protect yourself by fitting anti jemmy bars at the head of the door an having secure patio door locks fitted.

Please ensure glass is safety glass, ie it is toughened or laminated. Old doors or patio doors in foreign countries are often just annealed glass. When annealed glass shatters it breaks into long, dagger like shards of glass, which is extremely dangerous. If in doubt look for the toughened glass Mark normally found in the corner of the glass unit. Please take care around glass doors.

Finally don't forget the glass is see-through, whilst it may be hilarious to see uncle Charlie bounce off the glass door that he thought was open, children pets an other family members may wish to avoid such incidents. Remember to mark the glass in some way, strips, film or images put on the door at eye height should help save uncle Charlies embarisment.

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