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Double Glazing Knowledge

Bi-Folding Doors

Bi fold doors, fold back on themselves like a concertina, so every door leaf can slide to the side of the opening, making a wide expanse

Bifolds are very popular at the moment with interior designers as the panels of the door are designed to fold back onto themselves thus allowing a massive space between in the inside and patio or decking outside.

Many styles are possible, and you can have the leaves slide to the left, to the right or split so that half slide on direction and the other the opposite direction.

Do watch the manufacture and installation of these products as they are very heavy and require accurate production if you are to avoid problems in service. Also note the cull construction, as many come with a low threshold (to prevent tripping) you need to be certain that their weathering performance isn't compromised, you don't want rain water coming into your home!

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