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Double Glazing Knowledge

Casement Windows

Casements are the most popular style in the UK. Traditionally windows in the UK open outwards hung on butt hinges on the side or the top of the moving sash or opener and held open with peg stays. Today peg stays and butt hinges have been replaced scissor stays, a hinge that allows the window to open and stay open. Since October 1st 2010, all replacement windows need a Window Energy Rating (WER) to be C rated or better.

There are thousands of designs and features (lead lights, georgians, decorative leads etc) but try to keep the appearance the same as the originals, try to balance the appearance of the windows, consider using dummy sashes to equalise the proportions.

Tip, if security if an issue, then ensure windows are BS5750 approved, this is the standard the police look for to get their “Secured by Design” accreditation (SBD)