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Double Glazing Knowledge


Probably the most important part of the decision making process.

With approx 22 million homes in the UK, they are traditionally single or two storey buildings so we have had casement windows that open outwards, being cleaned either from inside the room or outside from ladders. On the continent, they have more apartment blocks several storey’s high, so their windows tend to open inwards, tilt and turns.

About 25% of the housing stock however has or had sash windows, these slide vertically up and down and were very popular from the Georgian period, through the Victorian industrial period, right through until the 1930’s when mass produced steel windows became popular.

Product design is vital. We all like to stamp our own feel on our homes, but windows are the eyes of a building, you don’t notice good windows, you look through them. Poorly designed windows stand out a mile.

There’s no single right answer, no single solution as to what’s right for your home, however your building would have been designed and built with a particular style in mind, and although a generality, the best replacement is one that is sympathetic to the original window design.

Consider what is important to you, security, energy efficiency, sound reduction, maintenance etc, but above all else make certain it is the right style and design of window to harmonise with your home.