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Double Glazing Knowledge


Stands for Window Energy Ratings use a consumer-friendly traffic-light style A-E ratings guide similar to that used on ‘white’ goods (such as fridges, freezers, washing machines etc…).

This ratings label, like the ones you see on fridges and freezers, will help you make a more informed decision about the energy efficiency of the windows you are looking to purchase.

Irrespective of the politics of global warming, it must be sensible for each of us to consume less or at the very least, retain the energy we are consuming, for as long as possible by making it go further.

You may have heard of a U value. U values are the amount of energy (heat) that’s escapes through 1sq metre of material (windows, bricks, loft insulation etc), every hour, for every 1 degree Celsius difference between the inside temperature and the outside temperature.

Let’s explain, single glazing has a U value of 5.6, that’s 5.6 units of heat being lost, every hour, and every 1 degree.

So if its -5c outside and +18c indoors, Every hour the heating is on, one single glazed window measuring 1m x 1m, will lose 128.8 units of heat……..!

With carbon emissions high on the global agenda and the current high cost of fuel, we are all looking for ways to make our homes more energy efficient.