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Company No. 05649431

Its official name is the “British Fenestration Ratings Council”.

Formed on 8th December 2005 the BFRC was established as the UK’s national system for rating the Energy Efficiency of windows. The majority of window manufacturers use the BFRC although other organisations now offer similar schemes.

Companies simulate their windows and submit their findings to the BFRC who verify the data. The BFRC were the first organisation to adopt a proven formula to measure energy efficiency.

Whereas U values traditionally just measured glass, the BFRC’s window energy rating is a complicated assortment of data, in essence it measures the combination of materials for the entire window. That means it is a more realistic measurement of the energy transmittance through the entire product not just the glass.

All approved products must be certified and a certificate number is issued to the license holder, (generally the manufacturer), however AR’s Authorised Retailers (installers) can have certificates printed in their own name.

All certified products have to have a certificate number on the product showing the license number.

Before you agree to purchase, ensure you know the product license number so you can check you receive what you thought you ordered.

If you have any doubt verify their claims or check direct on their web site www.bfrc.org as this lists all the energy efficient products they have certified.