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Timber Windows

Timber is still grown on trees!

Traditionally, 100+ years ago, all timber was well seasoned; we made great ships, bridges and roofs from oak trees that still stand today. Timber being a natural material has excellent credentials, however the products needed to maintain timber, are often “less green” and there are concerns about the destruction of rain forests.

So why is it that a timber window needs repair maintenance or painting? Quite simply, timber needs to be protected from the elements and help to stem the natural decaying process. If applied regularly, there’s no reason why wooden windows cannot last hundreds of years, but left to weather naturally they will only see a fraction of that.

The bulk of the timber used today is faster growing and less well seasoned, although well seasoned timber is available at a premium.

To overcome these problems, technology now allows cheaper strips of wood to be laminated together. Companies now laminate strips of the more expensive wood onto the face of less expensive wood, so you get layers of different timbers glued or laminated together. This is very cost effective as it saves the more expensive Oak for the surfaces that are visible, and bulk out the sections with less costly alternatives.

Engineered timber is an excellent alternative to real solid, natural wood, even though there is more work involved.

Remember to ask if the wood is solid or laminated, and you understand which faces have what sort of wood, check that it is FSA certified so its from sustainable sources (don’t just take their word for it, check it for yourself) as the UK was the worlds third largest importer of illegal timber, according to the World Wildlife Fund)