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Double Glazing Knowledge

GRP Windows

GRP or glass reinforced plastic, is thin, lightweight and an incredibly strong material. With no metallic content it wont rust like steel or pitt like aluminum, however the raw” pultruded” finish does need to be painted.

Someone who has repaired old cars would be familiar with the materials, layer glass matting and liquid resin to patch up damaged components before rubbing to a smooth finish and painting.

Well the materials will be the same, but the technology and process has improved greatly since then. Today its possible to pultrude it (pulling it through the process) rather than extruded (squeezing it through the process), with hundreds of strands of glass fibres, like spinning cotton into cloth.

Whilst the material has been available for many years, very few UK companies offer complete products ranges.

More expensive material, but its lightweight and very strong, however do check how well fittings are attached as this material suffers badly, ie screw threads tend to slice through the strands of glass, weakening it so check that there is something robust for the screws to be anchored to.