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Double Glazing Knowledge

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum took over from steel windows in the early 60’s. Initially extruded in one piece, it was later developed to incorporate a thermal break, separating the two halves of the section with a strong thermal barrier, which prevents heat transfer.

Slim sight lines, solid and easily shaped by inexpensive extrusions, aluminum windows and doors are available in a variety of colours and surface finishes. Anodising (etching the surface with colour) or powder coating will enable any colour to be applied, and provide good long term protection, as mill finished aluminum will become pitted and corrode quite quickly.

An adaptable material that can be recycled, but sometimes require an additional framing material (a subframe)

Two sections may look similar but the weight per metre helps identify which is the thickest and therefore likely to be the strongest. CHECK the sections have good thermal barriers to avoid condensation.