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Double Glazing Knowledge


There is much debate over the choice of materials.

Each material has its supporters, each its opponents, in truth it is all about your personal preference. We do not promote one over another, each material has advantages, each has disadvantages. This site could not possibly provide answers when scientists, chemists and materials experts cannot agree.

It is fair to say that function (heat retention, security etc) has replaced aesthetics (steel window sizes were aligned with mortar courses) and so sections have become thicker.

However it has to be remembered that windows are now expected to carry the weight of two (sometimes three) sheets of glass, which can be laminated, and far heavier than the single glazed windows of yesterday.

There are many links throughout the site towards material specific web sites (being independent we link to them all) however the BRE British Research Establishment produced a Green Guide in 2008 comparing each material…. www.bre.co.uk/greenguide

Don’t just accept what one installer tells you, they may only offer one material, try to see different materials, finishes and styles because it’s their ability to make the windows blend in with the rest of the house and look right, which is far more important than the material.