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Double Glazing Knowledge


Specialist Networks are perhaps the best of both worlds.

Normally they are a manufacturer of some size that has established a network of local trusted installations companies around the UK. You should expect quality products made in efficient, well organised factories that have ISO, BBA or BSI quality control systems in place, together with a local fitting service that has been “approved” or is “recommended” by the manufacturer, and get an extended manufacturers warranty.

Installers belonging to these networks are “vetted”, each scheme has its own requirements. They are often required to demonstrate their fitting ability, have NVQ’s or specialist technical training and are contracted to providing a good customer service. Many of the networks have a centralised department for handling complaints and installers are likely to be removed from the “recommend list”, should they be unwilling or unable to resolve your concerns.

These manufacturers may also make products for the general trade, but may limit their guarantee to those installers. Buying through their approved installer scheme generally means you get their guarantee indeed, some of these networks even guarantee the workmanship of their installation network, so you get even more added peace of mind.

Each scheme has different arrangements with its members, some may have a set area or a certain post code region, others may promote two businesses in the same area, so you may not be able to get three or four comparable quotes, however the manufacturer has a significant reputation invested in their network, so will ensure members resolve issues for you.

Search for networks and their approved installers especially if the manufacturer guarantees the workmanship of the installer and check they do actually belong to the network!

Ask to see membership qualifications or credentials.

Non approved companies may say “they can offer the same product from the same manufacturer” but this is never the case, and certainly won’t have the same protection as an official member of a network.

Ask for their proposals in writing so you can be certain you are getting what you want, its very useful if the installer isn’t who they claim to be!