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National Organisations

The “Nationals” are the big 5 organisations of Anglian, Everest, Zenith Staybright, Weatherseal and Safestyle UK.

These companies dominate the replacement window, door and conservatory market. They employ thousands of people and have excellent, well engineered products that are designed to meet the legislated requirements of the building regulations.

Being so large you should be confident that they are financially strong, and are compliant in all aspects of their business. Making and installing thousands of products each week means they run very efficient production lines and processes, so product quality is rarely an issue. However, to retain this efficiency they may restrict the choices they offer, and sales may be limited to what the factory wants to make.

Large factories need orders, so they invest in effective sales people and selling techniques to feed the business and customer care departments to handle complaints should things not go to plan.

All of the nationals are actively involved in trade organisations, building regulation reforms and product development.

Occasionally however humans fail their systems, a fitter spills something, or pushy sales person outstays their welcome, customer service didn’t ring back etc which makes the headlines.

Selling and installing by far the most products, and dealing with the highest number customers’ nation wide across the UK, it’s entirely natural that they generate the most complaints, but this can be misleading. Complaints still represent a very small percentage of their total customers.

Nationals often have an array of special offers, managers’ overrides, monthly incentives, show home deals etc to attract business when their factory is light on work, so the first price is rarely their best price (or the price you should agree to).

Make sure the things you are shown get specified in the contract, sales people often get excited and show “what is available” but to get to a competitive price, they order the “standard” product, just get it in writing (on the order) what you expect to see on your new windows.

If the sales person has promised a delivery date, gold fittings, or that he will repaint the room……get it on the contract, it avoids problems later. If the manager doesn’t agree then it’s the companies responsibility to reject the order at survey.

As with any company or work being done, keep a note or diary of who said what and when, its so handy if things go astray.