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Double Glazing Manufacturer

A manufacturer is just that, the company that makes doors, windows, conservatories etc, although they tend to be called fabricators if they use PCVu .

Manufacturers range from large super fabricators with automated production lines, making several thousand units each week, to modest units on industrial estates that may lack the sophistication, investment and computerisation of the larger organisations. Clearly prices may be less from smaller businesses, because they don’t have massive overheads; however consistent quality products may be lacking without appropriate checks and balances, relying upon the individual shop floor employees.

Most manufacturers, large or small, make a range of products, which is good because everything is made together. However, because they make such a variety, they probably don’t have the same depth of knowledge in one particular product, as companies who are experts and specialise in one niche market.

There are companies who specialise, (i.e. they only make one product!). Some only make PVC sash windows, others just casements or doors, some specialise in foiled or coloured products. Each of these companies tend to have a detailed understanding of their product, so their products will probably perform to a higher level than “standard” ones produced by manufacturers who make everything themselves.

ISO 9001 Quality assured companies must have consistency of production, whilst products that are tested to BBA or BSI kitemark demonstrate high quality of production, so ideally the company you chose with have both.

Manufacturers offering enhanced security must demonstrate they have BS5750 for windows and PAS23 & 24 for doors, and then they can be recognised by the Police and their “Secured by Design” scheme.