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Maintenance Companies

Maintenance companies from independent one man bands to franchise chains that all go under the same brand name, that way offering a similar service across the entire UK.

When someone claims their products are “maintenance free” be careful, what they mean is they require very little maintenance. Most products, especially ones that have moving parts like door leafs, opening lights, and hardware mechanisms, work so much better and for much longer, with a little TLC!

They rarely manufacture windows or doors themselves, but generally have a huge depth of knowledge. Whilst they may not have specific detailed knowledge on one manufacturer, they do understand how products are made and often carry “universal” repair components (or at least know who the component manufacturers are and where they can obtain replacement parts).

Misted sealed units, cracked or broken glass, missing or broken hinges, handles etc tend to be their main services however some also offer emergency glazing.

Repair is a good way to extend the life of any product, yet it takes time and a little expertise, but well worth doing. So much heat, energy and money is wasted every day with poorly maintained windows and doors where the hinged leaf does not close and lock firmly against the frames.

Before you get someone in to repair, check if the original company is still trading as they should stand by the guarantee.

If they are no longer there, then check if they belonged to a trade association or if independent insurance policies exist for broken goods, or even creditcard companies (providing you pay with a credit card) as they too may have a duty to cover the costs of the repair!

Products, especially glass have improved immensely over recent years, glass with different coatings will look different so it’s vital that you get in writing that the replacements will be as originals.