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Double Glazing Knowledge


An Installer in this sense is the term given for the company or person that you contract with to replace your windows, to undertake the safe removal of the existing products and the installation of new ones.

These may be individuals working from home, a small business with a high street showroom or industrial estate, a member of a specialist network, or a large national organisation like Anglian or Everest. Some will be manufacturers themselves, others will buy frames in and make their own sealed units, or source the complete product already glazed.

We don’t comment on the rights and wrongs, but it is important to understand which type of company you are dealing with, and where the guarantees lie.

Many people like the assurance that if they buy from Anglian or Everest, they get a proper guarantee; they made the products so they guarantee them, only there may be a higher price to pay.

The cheaper option often appears to be the smaller company who buys in (or makes himself) frames and glass sealed units, however the suppliers of the products will offer guarantees to the installer, not you. So if the installer goes bust you have no redress to the company making the products, or if the manufacturer that supplied the installer goes bust, they have to find a different supplier.

There are organisations who do extend an manufacturers guarantee to home owners, so you are covered directly from the company making the products, some will even guarantee the workmanship of their installers too.

All installation companies (in England), however large or small, must register your installation to demonstrate they have complied with building regulations. This can either be done by registering your installation with a competent persons scheme (Fensa, Certass, and BSI being the major ones) or via the Local Authority Building Control department.

It is the installer or their fitters that will spend time in your home.

Replacing windows and doors, or installing a conservatory is a building job, it will be messy, brick dust gets everywhere!

It is VITAL you spend time understanding just how professional, careful and respectful, the company you are considering to use, will be with your home!

If you know someone who recommended a team of fitters, don’t be afraid to ask for them by name, better still PLEASE WRITE A REVIEW of your good experiences because that will help others looking for quality workmen.

And do check if the fitters have NVQ’s or BSI certification for fitting, (or similar qualifications) and belong to trade bodies like the GGF or Trustmark or an Ombudsman scheme.