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Company Types

Broadly speaking there are Installation companies and manufacturing companies, however there are some that do both.

Companies range from the Nationals like Anglian, Everest , Zenith and Safe-Style who account for the greatest proportion of the installations in the UK between them, to the smaller one man bands who generally just install products that another company has made.

Additionally there are large Regional companies, as well as Networks, manufacturing companies that extend an installation service through their network of trusted local installers, like Network Veka, Bygone Installers, Elitis Partners and others.

Many companies offer a selection of materials, timber, aluminum composites etc, others just offer PVCu. Some offer a comprehensive range of windows, doors, conservatories and orangeries, whilst others specialise in just one product like sash windows. Some want to stand out above their competitors offering every type of accreditation and protection going, others offer just the bare minimum.

Membership to any federation, associations or trade body, is open to any company that can meet the entry requirements of the organisation concerned. Some have very stringent requirements or expectations, others far less so, just pay the fees and you’re in!

Companies that legitimately display accreditations are generally actively involved in the industry and seek to raise its standards; however, it is very easy for a less scrupulous company, to illegally add a logo or two, to advertising because it looks good and adds credibility……falsely, illegally, but how would you know, unless you checked?

That’s one of the main reasons why this site has been built. It provides you with back ground information so you can compare companies and check out their claims, from the comfort of your armchair!

Please bear in mind we cannot vouch for the accuracy of the claims made by the companies themselves and you must not rely upon this information, however we hope the verify system assists your search and provides a starting point for you to satisfy yourself that all is well, before you commit to replacing your windows and doors.

Use the verify button to confirm if the claims of membership are true, and do please report back if you find anything suspicious as we’ll investigate, correct any inaccuracies, and if report offenders to the relevant body so they can deal with the issue.

Ideally this is a platform where the claims of each company can be out in the open, where the industry bodies can see who is claiming affiliation to their scheme, and who is doing so without permission.