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The Glazing Ombudsman TGO is an independent and impartial, not for profit organisation, for resolving disputes between consumers and installers of double glazing, replacement windows, doors and conservatories.

Membership of TGO is voluntary, it isn’t mandatory by government, and costs companies to join. Whilst the costs of membership is very low, members must pay a joining fee, and a fee towards the investigation work should a complaint be lodged and they must abide by the Ombudsman’s decision. Homeowners on the other hand, are not bound by the decision of the Ombudsman, their rights remain and so are free to seek redress through the legal system should they choose to.

TGO can award compensation where it considers it appropriate. However as a not for profit organisation and because it is not owned by any single company or trade association, their findings will be independent and impartial. Customers often think that because a company is part of an association like the GGF or Fensa for instance, those organisations will always side with their members best interests. Whilst that isn’t the case, it certainly isn’t the case with TGO.

There is a board of the TGO who administer the company, collect fees from members and which set the membership policy. There is a Council of non industry personnel who ensure the ombudsman’s independence, appoints the ombudsman and set out his terms of reference to ensure the right powers are available. Then there is the Ombudsman himself, Christopher Hamer who is ultimately responsible to decide disputes. Mr Hamer has been The Property Ombudsman since 2006 and has held a number of similar positions previously.

It is important for customers to distinguish between Redress and Regulation. Redress is intended to provide compensation for customers who have suffered unacceptable behaviour, in individual cases. Regulation on the other hand is the setting of rules by which companies agree to operate, and enforcement action taken when these have been breached.

TGO is able to make awards of up to £25,000 in compensation for financial loss which member companies must abide by.

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