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Company Accreditations

Good companies like to show they belong to industry bodies because they are proud of their products and want to promote good practice.

None of these accreditations listed are compulsory to join, all are voluntary and companies must pay to be a part of them.

It is not for instance, a legal requirement to be Fensa registered, yet most installations companies chose to be members because they have a legal responsibility to self certify that they work has met the minimum legal levels expected. They pay a membership fee, and cost per installation to handle the certification etc, but there are other competent persons schemes like Certass and BSI etc, or registrations via LABC.

Others, like membership of the GGF (The Glass and Glazing Federation) is optional, providing companies pay the fees, and meet their stringent entry conditions. The GGF (who are non material specific) vet members, require two years of accounts and expect members to follow their code of conduct. They also offer an arbitration service to help consumers who use a GGF member. Again there are other material specific trade associations, BPF, SWA, TWA, CAB and many more who push for recognition of their members and their material.

The government is keen to promote good companies through the use of their Trustmark scheme, something set up to provide information about companies who have high standards.

Companies pay extra to demonstrate they belong to these industry associations etc, they are proud to be associated and want to promote best practice in all aspects of their business.

However it is very easy for others to steal the logo and add it to an advertisement, thus misleading you the consumer and them avoiding paying any fees!

BE WARNED. Some companies rely upon the fact that most retail customers don’t bother checking if their claims are true or not. A legitimate company will gladly show you membership certificates when asked and now you can verify claims, direct with accreditation bodies, on this web site.