If you are involved in the double glazing industry, your company has to be listed on this web site; otherwise you will be missing big opportunities. Customers are savvy, they do their own research and they want to find companies that other people have tried, found then to be good and prepared to recommend to others. They want to avoid bad companies who seem to have a history or poor experiences.

Benefits to your business:

  1. Get your company in front of new customers

    We're the fastest growing double glazing company site on the web. Just type in "double glazing company" into Google to see our position. We have thousands of customers per month looking for companies like yours.

  2. Promote your accreditations and company credentials

    This site helps explain industry jargon, abbreviations like GGF, BBA, SBD, BSI, EST, IBG's, WER's TRR's, (the list is endless) and what they all mean, so they're in a better position to understand what's worth having and what's not!

  3. Gain trust though reviews (with a right to reply!)

    We recommend people use those companies who have good reviews, who support the idea of this comparison web site and who pay to have their accreditations listed, because they are likely to be trustworthy installation companies.

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