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We’re impartial because...

  • You can see every company nearest to you, that we know about or that have registered with us
  • You can search our site by nearest/furthest , best/worst reviews and specific products and accreditations
  • You control the content of your reviews, which you write, about any company you have employed
  • You can find buyers guides, information and helpful tips from DGC throughout the site
  • You can find specific product information, brochures and sales literature from any company*
  • You can find company information like telephone numbers, email addresses & web sites
  • You can even check live with company house when they started trading and if they’ve changed their name.

*Providing the company has uploaded it

And because...

  • We DON’T sell any advertising space, so we don’t have “favourite companies”.
  • We DON’T sell any banner ads or Google Ad words, because we don’t want to confuse our messages.
  • We DON’T allow any Sponsor’s pop ups or NO Sponsored links, for the same reason.
  • We DON’T allow one company to outbid another, because those with the biggest budgets win.
  • We DON’T allow any paid for reviews; they must be from homeowners who have used the company

This site is here to help you if you intend to purchase some home improvement products, replacement windows, doors and conservatories or if you wish to understand more about double glazing installers, replacement window companies, and conservatory outlets. It is here to assist you before you ever have to see a salesperson, to enable you to check out the claims of the various businesses with the accredited bodies, to ensure and satisfy yourself that their claims are true and to see how others faired when they used their services.

Our 5 star ratings system is driven solely by YOUR REVIEWS, that’s why your independent feedback is so important. You see, everyone is looking for a recommended company, one which has a good reputation, a company that looks after its customers (especially if things have gone a little wrong) or delivered exceptional service, products or value.

Whilst it is impossible to guarantee a hassle free outcome, feedback from you and other users, will help prospective customers avoid disasters or being completely ripped off by less scrupulous, cowboy installers who set out to deceive.

Can’t find the company you used listed email us here and we will get them added within 48 hours