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36 Commerce Road, Lynch Wood, PETERBOROUGH, Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, PE2 6LR


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Do be aware of Empire Bifolding Doors Ltd.

After Guy measured up and provided me with a quote, I decided to buy from them. They then persuaded me to use them to install the windows, assuring me that this way they are handling everything from start to finish and it would be perfect. I decided that on spending £18,000 on new windows that it would be better to have them fitted by the manufacturer.

Guy and his dad Michael were to fit the windows, so you would automatically think ‘Great! They are being fitted by both of the owners of the company’.

HOW WRONG can one be?

Guy came over to the house and measured all the windows up and after a few delays Michael turned up with the windows in a North Norfolk Glaziers van and started to fit them.

Guy then lolloped up in his girly car again and started helping his dad install them. You have never see such an abortion! Just a few of the things that were wrong:

- All windows were fitted too far forward and so building control said that they had to be refitted by a professional as they didn't meet regulations. They basically provided cills that were too narrow, so instead of not fitting them and ordering correct cills, they fitted all the windows in the wrong position!

- The windows were not measured correctly and were supplied as much as 2 inches too small!

- There were huge gaps and the muppets filled them with bucket loads of horrible foam that they got EVERYWHERE and looked ridiculous.

- The windows were fitted on the skew.

- The £6,000 bi folds fell out when you open them! This is not a joke or exaggeration… they literally fell out every time they were opened!

- They didn’t fit the gaskets

Would not recommend to a friend

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This review was originally posted against the wrong business. Having requested confirmation from the reviewer, we are happy that there is a genuine complaint being resolved through the legal process and that this review is an honest experience from the reviewer themselves.

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