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The Old Church, 31 Nottingham Road, Ripley, Derbyshire, DE5 3AS


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Derwent Sash have replaced every window in our Edwardian house and the original conservatory.

This is not a regular window installation company, these guys are craftsmen. We took 3 quotes, all fairly is only when you get into the weeds on the detail of the window and the subsequent fit and finish internally and externally that you realise you have found the only company to trust your home with.

The other 2 companies eventually withdrew their offers as the job was too difficult.

A guy down the road used a regular window installer, same windows, crappy fit and finish, especially externally.

Ours was a big job, huge original casements and sash windows were removed and replaced with Bygone Collection Sash and Evolution Casements. That was the bit anyone could do.

The level of carpentry detailing to replicate window sills, architraves and plenty of other bits was astonishing.

The conservatory was a rotten, leaky and cold a lean to, now it is the pride of the house, lovely and warm. We had a special extra wide Accoya door made to replicate the original. The whole things looks identical, but much better than the one next door.

So we have a period house, now with the latest technology windows, installed stunningly. Noise reduction glass in the bedrooms kills all outside noise and the house is finally warm.

And it looks just like it did before,

Use them, trust them, they are worth it.

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