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Empire State Building reduces heat loss re-using glass.


Imagine the heat loss if you have 6,514 windows, over 110 floors in a 1930’s building! Well thanks to a contributor from the USA, we were pointed towards a company, Serious Windows, that has recently finished a project that saw glass being … Continue reading

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Triple glazing now listed

triple glazing

New Category Launched: Triple Glazing Installers There is much industry debate about triple glazing right now, so in response we’ve added triple glazing as a new product field, so companies that offer triple glazing as well as double glazing, can … Continue reading

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Tesco’s now selling windows……

window frame

Since October 2010, retail giants Tesco, have been trialling the installation of home improvement products in the west country, including double glazing, windows, doors and conservatories. They have teamed up with a national company for the installation work, they guarantee the workmanship, … Continue reading

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Triple Glazing – is it better than double glazing?

triple glazing

Glass tends to be used in multiple layers to increase the thermal efficiencies. In sealed units two sheets of glass are generally used, separated by a spacer bar. Triple glazing as the name suggests is where three sheets are used, separated be … Continue reading

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