The GGF help the BBCs Dom Littlewood

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Dom Littlewood has a new show starting in April called “Don’t Get Done Get Dom”. Known for Cowboy Builders and To Buy or Not to Buy, Dom is seen as the consumers champion, so it was no surprise to the GGF to be asked to assist Dom in the new series as he sought to save consumers money and avoid unscrupulous traders.

The first show is aired on April 11th at 11am on BBC1.

Giles Willson, GGF Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Technical Affairs was interviewed for the show and commented,

“With GGF Members operating to the highest technical and ethical standards in the industry, it was only natural that the BBC approached the Federation for assistance with the programme. We are always happy to work with the media to get our message out there. I hope the advice offered enhances consumers’ awareness of why they should use a GGF Member company when buying or installing glass and/or glazing.”

The GGF has increased public awareness for their members by exhibiting at retail shows like the Ideal Home Exhibition, and the green products show EcoBuild, so these three episodes on the BBC will be much appreciated.

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