ASA find company guilty of misleading claims about energy grants for double glazing


The Advertising Standards Agency recently found a company guilty of misleading advertisement.

It is alleged that Energy Efficient Windows and Conservatories Ltd (EEWC) from Middlesbrough, placed an advertisement for the “Energy Saving Fund” (ESF) from Warrington in Cheshire, which suggested there were grants available for replacement windows.

Having heard the case the Advertising Standards Agency decided the adverts were misleading as little or no evidence could be produced to substantiate the claims being made. Read the full article here.

At ltd, we are unaware of ANY Green Deal grants. The government hasn’t released the consultation papers yet, let alone agreed the secondary legislation (the rules) needed to make Green Deal work, besides which it doesn’t start until October 2012!

So be very wary of ANY claim that is made by ANY company that they can get a loan or grant from Green Deal.

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