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Dunraven Windows, Stormy Down, Pyle, Bridgend, CF33 4AH


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Went with them because they were local family business.

What a mistake one of the main windows in our property will not shut properly it has to be forced shut these windows are just over 6 months old plus we originally a different designed window all agreed with the salesman beforehand only to be told that because of design reefs we would have to have a tilt and turn which would cost another 350 plus quid.

One department claims to be ignorant of the promises made by the sales dept they have offered us a different window but only if we pay another 1000 plus. Avoid at all costs

Would not recommend to a friend

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Dunraven Windows Limited says in response:

The reason that these are needed is due to build reg compliance and most likely needed fire escape access.

Without these windows if there was a fire then there would be no escape for her family.

This comment does not contain all the facts and is a poor example of our companies dedication to our customers safety.

DGC comments, thoughts and observations:

This company has asked for this review to because, "This comment does not contain all the facts and is a poor example of our companies dedication to our customers safety."

Having read the review, it seems there are a few issues but we consider it to be the genuine thoughts of the reviewer.

Firstly, is the review genuine? Well yes we believe so, the person has provided us with their details and the company obviously knows about the particular job.

Secondly, is the review defamatory? No, the reviewer isn’t happy with the windows or treatment she received and is making her personal feeling known.

Thirdly, the company has the chance to say how they feel, in the company comments box above. We understand that sometimes customers wish to “let off steam” and occasionally say things that may not be 100% accurate. We don’t know what went on, but can simply advise how to avoid similar problems in the future.

It sounds like there is a problem shutting one of the windows, which may be a fire egress window. Just because a window is a fire egress window, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t shut properly, so clearly the company ought to resolve it for the customer as its just 6 months old.

However the greater problem is that the customer here thinks they failed to get the products they were expecting, because “the salesman said”.

This company is no different to many others, no company can say with 100% certainty, that the salesman did or didn’t say something, THAT’S WHY it you should NEVER TRUST what a salesperson says, ALWAYS get it in writing.

Most companies will have a contract, which has to be fair and reasonable, many hate you writing on it and may have a clause to say customers cannot amend the contract, however THIS IS YOUR CONTRACT, if you have been promised pink spots, free bananas for life or anything else, WRITE IT ON THE CONTRACT or GET IT CONFIRMED IN WRITING.

Frankly, without proof, a company is well within its rights to ignore verbal claims that a salesman made.

If however, as seems in this case, the surveyor has pointed out difficulties with a particular design, then they must advise additional costs and let you decide if you wish to proceed or not.

From their web site they claim to be serving 3,000 customers a year, and trading for over 28 years, so they must have a decent track record to have survived that long.

Perhaps the reviewer may wish to contact the company again to find a solution.